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What is remarkable about us

Housing parents concept

The home management lives with the children and teenagers in the facility.


Spacious living area

Approximately 700 m² of living area is available to the children and teenagers for recreation.


Closeness to nature

Due to the nature closeness the children and teenagers are exposed to diverse impressions other than the ones they are usually experiencing. (Through the intense exposure to their senses they can find a way of coping with trauma they experienced in their early childhood.)


Music pedagogical work

The goal is to nurture emotional development and group processes through the corporate playing of music and singing together.


Pilot project: Immersion concept

We want to offer an informal education as an opportunity for the children to be more open minded towards different cultures. We see this opportunity in learning English as a second language. In addition to that we believe that through this the children will have better career and job possibilities in their future work life. We believe building up friendships all over the world helps prevent racism.


Gerhard Speidel


Alte Hauptstraße 95
72290 Loßburg-Wälde

( 07455 ) 9467803

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